Construction Data,

PROJEXION simplifies complex project issues with data-driven predictions, real-time observations, and actionable recommendations.

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Build confidence in your future.

Forecasting where profitability is at risk and educating your team how to mitigate that risk in real time.

Historical Data Visualizations

Predictive modeling to forecast the impacts of historical trends.

Visualize how past performance impacts the future of your projects. Look back at lessons learned with ease.

Project Dashboard

Risk analytics at your fingertips.

Know, well in advance, which projects need attention. Toggle between detailed insights in just a click.

Recommendation Task List

Prescriptions to improve project health.

Simplify the complexities of a project into clear, actionable recommendations.

“We are capitalizing on the 4th Industrial Revolution by developing a machine-learning tool for construction managers that will fundamentally and radically alter the way projects are managed for generations to come.”

Optimize your projects and teams with PROJEXION.

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