About us


PROJEXION is a machine-learning-based "digital twin" for construction managers that analyzes your data to predict risk to your profitability and prescribes actions to mitigate it in real-time.

Through executive-level insights and real historical data feeding the predictive model, PROJEXION provides teams with decades of industry experience at their fingertips, with no additional data entry.

Our Vision

Delivering the quintessential instrument for risk intelligence in the construction industry.

Our Mission

Empowering project teams with automated risk forecasting and prescriptive strategies to drive project success.

Our Values

Diversity of Thought
  • Be curious and think outside the box
  • Consider every perspective
  • Collaborate and exchange ideas
Culture of Trust
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Be transparent and honest
  • Work with integrity
Servant Leadership
  • Focus on the growth and well-being of others
  • Don't ask of others what you aren't willing to give
  • Foster leadership in others

Our Leadership

Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson

Founder | CEO

Karl Kroeber

Karl Kroeber

Co-Founder | CTO

Why Does the Industry Need PROJEXION Now?

The Industry is Evolving

As designs, systems, market trends and procedures for our projects become more complicated, the way in which we manage them needs to evolve too. Constant innovation is required to meet the new realities of our industry and evolving world around us.

Younger Business Leadership

The age gap created during the Great Recession has led to younger executives in positions of leadership, and with them comes a generational familiarity with tech. Naturally, there is a greater pressure to impart decades of industry expertise faster than ever before.

Increased Tech Adoption

We've seen an exponential increase in the adoption of construction tech over the last decade, which has made data much more accessible and consistent through integrations, collaborations, and transparency.

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