Karl Kroeber

Co-Founder | CTO


Karl has been living and breathing tech and IT ever since his father got him a 386 PC in the early nineties. After finishing his master’s degree in Computer Science and getting his first work experience in the automotive industry and several startups, he embarked on a journey of self-employment, founding a successful software development agency and several other successful start-ups in Germany. He moved to the US in 2021 and quickly met Joe at a Tampa start-up event. The rest is history.

Karl is a charismatic leader, critical thinker, and team player. During his tenure at his own company, he nurtured his team and customer relationships. He successfully navigated the intricacies and complexities of large software projects, not unlike those of construction. Always operating with efficiency, transparency, and honesty as his core values.

Together with Joe, Karl is improving the current world of construction management using his skills in optimizing business processes and deep technical knowledge to benefit PRx’s customers and the construction industry in general.


Master of Computer Science, Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany

Fun Fact

In his own construction projects, Karl is overjoyed by the fact that houses in the US are generally made of wood. A perfect excuse to get into carpentry - a skill he always admired. Now he is fixing and improving his 85-year-old house bit by bit.

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